PSN series planar scanners


  • Scan range from 1 to 20 m
  • Positioning accuracy in axes Х and Y is 0,005 mm/m
  • Accurate incline adjustment in horizontal and vertical axes
  • Modular design with capability of widening the scan range
  • Absolute optic encoders of linear motion with 5 µm accuracy.


PSN series planar scanners are used for antenna parameters measuring with the help of amplitude and phase measurement technique in the near field, frequency range up to 40 (110) GHz.


Key parameters for planar scanners are positioning accuracy and movement velocity. Combined with adjustment devices PSN series scanners provide positioning accuracy of 0,005 mm/m, which corresponds with industrial standards for high-end positioning devices. PSN series scanner movement velocity is 2000 mm/min, thus combined with automated data acquisition and control RL-BEAM provides leading values in antenna measurement time.

Latest linear absolute optic encoders are used in the product which makes it possible to eliminate inaccuracies connected with tower manufacturing faults and angular backlash of the reducing gear.

Absolute encoders together with non-volatile position memory system reduces start-up time up to less than 1 minute.

Unique position adjustment and latching system as well as rugged steel construction allow to preserve adjustment accuracy characteristics for a longer period of time if compared with similar aluminum constructions.

Model PSN-150 PSN-200 PSN-300 PSN-400 PSN-500 PSN-1000
Scanning range, m 1,5х1,5 2х2 3х3 4х4 5х5 10 (up to 20)х10
Frequency range 1 – 40 GHz 1 – 40 GHz 1 – 40 GHz 1 – 40 GHz 1 – 40 GHz 1 – 40 GHz
Planarity, mm (RMSD) 0.03 0.03 0.06 0.08 0.1 0.2
Positioning accuracy, mm 0.01 0.01 0.02 0.03 0.035 0.05
Maximum load limit, kg 30 kg
Scanning velocity, m/min 10
Weight, kg < 600 < 750 < 850 < 1000 < 1500 < 3000


* It is possible to manufacture other sizes of scanning range, maximum load limit and frequency range

System configuration

Basic configuration provides a positioner together with  a controller executed in 19 inch high frame 6U/9U with rack-mounting feature. Connection interface Ethernet. Power supply 220 V. Consumption not more than 3 kWt.

Measuring options

Option PSN-ZRoll – automated probe rotation in polarization system 0 – 360 deg.

Option PSN-ZMW – unit for probe movement in axis Z in the range from 0 to 800 mm.

Option PSN-ZMW2 –    unit for probe movement in axis Z in the range from 0 to 1600 mm.

Reference antenna comparison results at bench certification (executed by FSUE VNIIFTRI)

Radiation pattern comparison results for a reference horn antenna that was measured in the far-field and the same antenna measured with PSN series planar scanner in the near field with conversion to the far field, frequency 18 GHz.