Multi-axis column for robotic welding and cutting RTI-3-R

Smitek represents the expansion of the range of industrial robotic solutions with the new system RTI-3-R for automated welding and cutting.

The system is based on linear modules, an azimuth positioner and a vertical linear module. It has 3 axis and is complemented by a small-sized industrial 6-axis robot manufactured by Fanuc, ABB, Kuka, Panasonic, etc.

Work area along the linear coordinate of the horizontal movement can reach up to 40 m. The height and width of the permissible movement of up to 2.5 meters (up to 4 meters in a special version).

The advantage of this system is high speed due to low inertia with a wide area of ​​work. Also, a significant advantage is the possibility of simultaneous adjustment of the second blank on the opposite side of the horizontal linear module, since the column with the robot rotates 360 degrees.

On the column there are fastenings for equipment placement (welding machine, a coil with wire, plasma source, etc.), as well as flexible cable chains for leading the tooling.

Design features:

• Precision milling of steel construction

• All welded elements are having a thermal treatment, stresses are removed before milling operations.

• Design is optimized for stiffness, bending and inertia moments

• Servomotors with low backlash high-torque gearboxes

• Availability of documented libraries, web-interface and control protocol.