About company


Key specialization

Smitek specializes in engineering, development and production of automated test systems for transponders, T/R modules, components and antennas.

Research is carried out with grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.

Our company produces precision robotic positioning equipment for use in research of antenna characteristics. Combined with anechoic chambers our company create systems for measuring antenna pattern, gain and other antenna parameters. We also provide systems for RCS, radome and material properties testing.

Our company has utilized and brought into practice different antenna measuring techniques: far-field technique, compact range and near-field techniques (planar, cylindrical and spherical scanning) in continuous and pulse operation modes with over 20 systems installed worldwide.

Apart from the systems our company produces and supplies separate components: antennas, feeds, probes, scanners, positioning mounts, reflectors, cable assemblies, switch matrixes, amplifiers, work stations.

Our company accommodates its own production facility to manufacture and assemble mechanical equipment (positioners, scanners, reflectors etc.), RF and electronical products. We have completed production cycle of positioners, scanners, antennas and reflectors: blank production area (metal cutting, welding stations, annealing furnaces), powder coating area, precision milling area, metrology laboratory and product assembly area. Over 2000 square meters facility located in Moscow.

In 2016 our company gained the Skolkovo resident status, as well as the status of Technopolis Moscow resident.


 Company objective is to be on top of the newest technologies and deliver products to our customers in unique design. Our main advantage over competitors is the way how we develop our products and work with the customers. We don’t’ sell just products from the catalog, we always try to understand customer specific application and modify our products to fit into the application specific system. That’s why we call it “Tailor-made”.


The key to success in quality of our products is our engineers and on-site production facilities. Our mechanical engineering team before joining Smitek was one of the top-quality machine tool builders. They bring new approaches for precision mechanics such as positioners, scanners and reflectors. These products developed with variety of calculations including rigidity, moments of inertia, thermal stability etc. New approaches help to get long term precision, durability and longer life of our products. On-site workshop gives flexibility for rapid modifications of our products (like adding additional holes to positioner plate) and possibility to make custom products like antenna fixtures for mounting AUT on positioner.

Service and support

The RF engineers from our team has wide experience in R&D of active and passive antenna arrays, T/R modules measurement and calibration (phase adjustment) procedures in coaxial line and on-air. It helps a lot to understand customer needs for different application.

The basic warranty period for our positioner and scanners is 3 years, the maintenance period is 2 years. We also have components used in our products (gears, bearings, motors) available in stock for fast repairmen services in case of damages of equipment.