System based on pendulum scanner and dielectric and dielectric table


Dielectric materials characteristics measurement can provide crucially important information for many electronic applications. For example, insulation losses, Например, потери в изоляции кабеля, substrate resistance or dielectric resonator frequency are directly connected with dielectric properties. This information is also useful for ferrite properties improvement, radiation absorbers and case construction. The newest applications in aerospace, automotive, food and medical industry can also use the advantages of knowledge of dielectric properties.

Smitek, OJSC produces measurement systems for studying parameters of materials using free space technique, coaxial probe technique, parallel plates technique, coaxial/waveguide transmission lines technique and resonant chambers technique.

System based on pendulum scanner and dielectric and dielectric table

  • Scanning radius from 1 to 4 m.
  • Positioning accuracy in angular coordinates 0,02 deg.
  • Accurate incline adjustment in antenna pointing.
  • Use of optical absolute encoders.


PSA-ARCH pendulum scanners are designed to measure parameters of reflective properties of materials by measuring reflection parameter using single antenna method S11 and dual antenna technique S21 up to 40 (110) GHz. System configuration may include a single pendulum positioner as well as two pendulum positioners functioning in a synchronous manner.

Pendulum scanner size is chosen according to frequency range measurement criteria and sample size. Mandatory requirement for such measurements involves positioning of measurement antennas in the far-field relative to measured sample location.


  • Modulus of reflection coefficient, RCS measurement of flat and volume objects.
  • Measurement of inverse diffraction matrix
  • Ability to measure absorption properties of vaterials at one-way measurement when two pendulum positioners (S21) are horizontally oriented
  • Construction of graphs for angular dependence of reflective properties of materials
  • High accuracy and scanning velocity in comparison with traditional arch system.
Model PSA-ARCH-200 PS-ARCH-300 PS-ARCH-400
Scanning radius, m 2 3 4
Frequency range 0,5  – 40 GHz 0,5  – 40 GHz 0,5  – 40 GHz
Antenna positioning accuracy, deg 0.06 0.08 0.1
Antenna positioning accuracy, mm 0.1 0.1 0.1
Maximum load limit, kg 20
Scanning velocity, deg/sec 5
Weight, kg < 450 < 500 < 600


Measuring options

Option PSA-ZRoll     automated probe rotation in polarization system 0 – 360 deg.

Option PS-AZ           measured antenna rotation positioner.