Swingarm compact antenna test range (CATR) System


Swingarm compact antenna test range (CATR) System

4-110 GHz 30 cm quite zone (QZ) size


The system is optimized for OTA testing 5G devices and other types of antennas with aperture up to 30 cm with frequency range 4-110 GHz.

This is a spherical measurement system in plane wave conditions according to 3GPP IFF specification.

System includes the following components:

  • Rolled edge Reflector installed on elevation swingarm
  • Feeds with roll positioner installed on elevation swingarm
  • Azimuth positioner for AUT (antenna under test)
  • Software, Anechoic chamber, RF equipment



Quite zone size – 30 cm

Amplitude taper < 1 dB

Amplitude ripple < ±0.5 dB

Phase variation < ±6 deg

Swingarm travel range in elevation – ± 160 deg

Azimuth travel range – 0-360 deg

Chamber size – 5×2.5×5 m (LxWxH)