Mobile system for microwave antenna testing specialized



The active development of 5G communication technology and the general trend of increasing the frequency range of radio equipment operation has sent our company to the implementation of a specialized system for testing antenna parameters.

A feature of the system is its mobility and versatility. It is completed with anechoic chamber in a sea container form factor. It includes positioner, network analyzer (or signal analyzer with vector generator) and reflector with feeds. The chamber has unified units for lifting with a forklift and can be mounted on a truck chassis.

The system implements the compact range measurement method and is intended for 5G OTA/massive MIMO testing, compact radars, etc. The system allows measurements to be made of passive antenna (antenna array, horn and low-directional antennas), and active devices (active and digital antenna array).

Specialized software allows measurement of the radiation pattern, gain, polarization characteristics, and other antenna parameters. In addition to traditional measurements, the software package includes functionality for calibrating and diagnosing antenna arrays. Specialized package for 5G measurement also includes EVM and BER measurement.

The parameters of the system:

• Frequency range: from 3 to 110 GHz;

• Shielding: at least 50 dB;

• • Dynamic range: 50 dB;

• Maximum dimensions of antenna under test (AUT): 750x750x750 mm;

• Maximum AUT weight: 50 kg;

• The number of positioner axis: 5 (azimuth, slider over azimuth, vertical slider, elevation, polarization);

• Automatic positioner for feed polarization ;

• Accuracy of positioning by angular coordinates: 0.05 degrees;

• Internal cooling and ventilation with AC system.

• Dimensions of the system: 6.2×2.4×2.4 m (LxWxH).