5G base station and automotive radar over the air (OTA)


5G base station and automotive radar Over The Air (OTA)
Compact antenna test range (CATR) System
3-110 GHz 90 cm quite zone (QZ) size


The system is optimized for testing automotive radars, 5G base stations and other types of antennas with aperture up to 90 cm covered by frequency range 3-110 GHz.
System includes the following components:
– Reflector
– Feeds with positioner
– Antenna under test (AUT) positioner
– Software
– Anechoic chamber
– RF equipment

1) Blended Rolled Edge Single Reflector 1.8×1.8m with Rectangular Quiet Zone 0.9×0.9m Frequency range (GHz) 3-110

Reflector and the basement of reflector made from the same material – aluminum. So the basement and reflector surface have the same linear extension coefficient. To keep the QZ performance characteristic the reflector should keep the overall dimensions. The milling process is performed at 23 deg C temperature. We recommend the chamber temperature deviation to be 23±2 deg.
The surface of the reflector over 1,8×1,8 m area will have 0,15 mm peak-to-peak value and 0,03 mm RMS value of deviation from etalon surface. Reflector surface is made from 3 pieces 45-90-45 cm width. It means the center part of reflector will not have any interconnection gaps.

2) Reflector feeds

The feeds are installed on positioner with automated polarization axis.
Typical compact antenna test range feed:
Corrugated circular waveguide horn 26.5-40 GHz, pic.1.

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